Can I subdivide my land or how do I subdivide my block in Perth?

A number of factors determine whether a lot can be subdivided. LPD Surveys can provide you with advice once we are aware of the development outcomes you wish to achieve. How the development is staged can also change the cost, process and time of the project. If you are planning to build at the same time and/or demolish an existing dwelling on the lot it will change the dynamic of how the development should be staged.

The best place to start is by talking to one of our project mangers for a quick assessment of the land, existing dwellings and the land zoning (R-codes) as well as your subdivision goals. If the lot has potential then it is highly recommended for your due diligence to order a subdivision feasibility report for a more detailed assessment of the future subdivision development which outlines the possible conditions and costs that could be incurred. Below is PDF outlining the general process and possible steps for your subdivision:




When we get the question “Can I subdivide my land or how do I subdivide my block in Perth?” The things we like to ask the land owner is:

What is the intended use and purpose for the title at the end of the project?

It could be profit gain, expanding property portfolio, leasing dwellings/units, adding value to existing dwelling, downsizing or inheritance.

Are you building at the same time, and if so do you intend to strata title the units/part lots, live in one dwelling/unit and rent others?

How much time do you have to achieve the outcomes you desire? What options best suit your cash flow?

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