The cost of a survey or development project depends on a number of factors:

  • Mobilisation, complexity of the work, number of employees & equipment required.
  • The type of deliverable and accuracy of information required.
  • Access, topography and vegetation of the land.
  • Existing cadastral boundary information in the area from previous and original surveys.
  • State & government department’s application, process & lodgement fees.

For smaller projects LPD Surveys provides fixed quotes, fixed quotes with options or hourly rates for the tasks required to do the job and will outline the costs of materials, mobilisation, fees & charges when costs are known.

For larger projects LPD Surveys has charge out & mobilisation rates for personnel & equipment or for estate/large land developments/subdivisions we provide a cost per lot basis with fixed options depending on staging.

Please contact us about your project – we can provide you with sound advice, options, timing & costing.