This type of subdivision is ideal if you plan to build several buildings (typically townhouses or units) on your development lot or if there is already multiple buildings on one parent freehold lot. These can be residential duplex or triplex dwellings, multi storey units or commercial units/offices. A surveyor will need to be involved at the initial Development Approvals (DA) stage providing a feature/contour survey of the site. Typically a draft strata plan is useful once planning approvals are obtained. Once a building approval is obtained and the site is ready a licensed surveyor can then perform a re-survey of the parent parcel set-out the building.

The new buildings will need to be finished to lock up stage and all other servicing and construction tasks completed as prescribed in the DA before titles can be issued. When staging a strata development or needing to create vacant lots, the development will need to be referred to the WAPC.

A Built Strata can be the best way to subdivide your block and the cheapest/quickest way to subdivide in terms of planning approvals and government/statutory fee costs. For residential developments (less than 2500m²) that are not creating vacant lots, the Built Strata process does not require WAPC approvals and the development is controlled by the local government building department.