A Freehold or Green Title lot is the name given to a traditional block of land (created under the Transfer of Land Act) that is completely independent from its neighbouring lots in terms of servicing and ownership giving the registered proprietors (owners) total autonomy. A Survey Strata allows the creation of ‘vacant’ strata lots. A Strata Title is part of a group of two or more lots forming a Strata Scheme, which has a Strata Company over it and is subject to the rules of the Strata Titles Act.

The planning and servicing difference: Freehold or Green Title lot subdivision approvals can be more difficult to achieve as the Western Australian Planning Commission (WAPC) and local government can be more rigid in interpreting the subdivision rules and impose more conditions. As the lot is required to be fully serviced independently, it must have direct access to sewer mains, water mains and underground power, in some cases this can dramatically increase the subdivision costs.

Survey Strata lots have less restrictions in regard to servicing and WAPC approvals. The lot services can be connected through other Survey-Strata lots to the service mains.  The creation of a common property lot, usually along a side boundary, allows it to be used as an access and service corridor and can make it possible to retain buildings with narrow access. The maintenance and upkeep of any common property lots is the responsibility of all strata lot owners.