An identification/re-establishment survey is when a lot or property boundary needs to be redefined.

When a licensed surveyor calculates a land boundary using the hierarchy of evidence from previous surveys they can denote occupations, buildings and features in reference to the boundary – this is an identification survey. A re-establishment (repeg) survey is the same process but the boundary is marked to practising regulations. This survey provides boundary certainty as licensed surveyors are required to be impartial and determine the boundary position as per original monuments.

  • Commonly these surveys are used for:
  • Constructing a house or building on or near the boundary
  • Improvements to a fence or retaining wall
  • Establish exact boundaries for strata title/ownership purposes
  • Due diligence to confirm land boundaries when buying or selling (particularly old properties)
  • Accurate locations of services/features within a lot for certainty to local government & service authorities