If the site is feasible (see above – Can I subdivide my land?), meets planning requirements and achieves the development outcomes for the client, LPD Surveys can assist/manage the whole process of subdivision.

For a visualisation of some of the steps that may be required in your development please see the following PDF:


Typically the process is:

  • A surveyor completes a feature/contour survey (sometimes requiring a boundary identification survey at the same time) and produces a subdivision plan with the proposed boundaries superimposed over the parent lot(s).
  • The project manager submits an application to the WAPC accompanied by the application fee (paid by the client) which includes: Proposed subdivision plan, bushfire BAL assessment or management plan (if required), Acid Sulphate Assessment (coastal/floodplain areas only) and management plan (high risk areas), geotechnical report (if required) and environmental survey report (if within a contaminated site).
  • The WAPC receives the application and has 90 days to refer to authorities that have interests over the parent lot(s). Draft conditions for larger developments may be given prior to the conditional approval being granted.
  • WAPC conditionally approves the subdivision for 3 years (4 years if large development). If the client is satisfied with conditions on the approval the subdivision can proceed to a staging and utility quote phase. Water and power agreements are to be applied for who will determine the serving costs and arrangement required.
  • A licensed surveyor can complete a surround survey of the parent land parcel(s) and when site works are complete (if any) the subdivision can be pegged (final survey) and a Deposited or Survey-Strata plan can be drafted along with a surveyors fieldbook.
  • Once all conditions on the WAPC approval have been met the project manager can apply for clearances from the relevant authorities by submitting the documentation online.
  • Once the clearances from servicing authorities are received, the Deposited or Survey Strata plan can be finalised and lodged with all documents at Landgate (including a licensed valuers unit entitlement report if a survey strata).
  • When all clearances are received they can be lodged at the WAPC with the form 1C fee applicable (paid by client).
  • Once Landgate have audited and certified the plan it can then be released to WAPC for endorsement.
  • After the WAPC has endorsed the plan, Landgate will put the Deposited or Survey Strata plan in order for dealings – ready for land titles to be issued from a settlement agent or conveyancer.