3D Reality Capture

LPD Surveys reality capture department has a range of sensors and software available to capture and create 3D models for your projects.

We can utilise a combination of airborne photogrammetry and LIDAR, combined with Laser Scanning, underground service detection and Total station or gps measurements to create BIM and LOD models.

Our experience and services include:

  • Shopping centre combined modelling of underground services, roof and facade scanning
  • LOD 300 BIM models
  • Combined aerial and ground based photogrammetric 3D models
  • Facade Laser scanning and drafting of elevation plans
  • Historical buildings
  • Mining stockpiles and haul roads
  • Dams, lookouts, carparks, roads and other infrastructure

Laser Scanning/UAV Photogrammetry 3D Reality BIM Model

LOD 300 BIM & Underground Service Location & 3D Data Deliverables

Other Services