Certified Residential, Rural, and Commercial Surveyors Perth

LPD Surveys, the leading residential and commercial surveyors Perth, provide quality surveying services to many clients who have a project based in a residential, rural of commercial area. We pride ourselves in having spatial professionals and licensed surveyors to guide our client’s projects to success by providing timely expert advice.

LPD Surveys employs licensed residential surveyors Perth who are the only ones authorised to re-establish, peg & subdivide land boundaries under state acts and regulations.

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Rural Field Survey

Our Services:

Building & Building Envelope Set-out

Using industry best survey equipment & quality assured methodology we set-out buildings and commercial units relative to land boundaries to give peace of mind for our clients.

We ensure your building is set-out correctly first time which avoids costly hassles later on if the building has encroached into the neighbouring lot.

We can assist with building envelope amendments with relevant local governments.

Commercial & Construction Services

LPD Surveys, a team of top-rated commercial surveyors Perth, has built strong relationships with commercial and construction clients by providing reliable service with accountable quality measures in practice. Services we provide clients in this sector include:

  • Tilt panel building and bolt set-out;
  • Retaining wall & Service marking;
  • Bulk earthworks and finished pad levels;
  • Unit, under croft, lift and pool mark-outs (including grid-lines);
  • Environmental or monitoring bore/well as-constructed surveys (AHD);
  • Audit & quality control Perth Boundary surveys;
  • Powerline location and minimum clearance plans;
  • Deformation and settlement monitoring surveys and reports;
  • Civil set-out (Roads, carparks, kerbing) and Road as-constructed surveys (R-Spec); and
  • Sewer, Water and Drainage (D-Spec) as-constructed (as-built) surveys.

Feature / Contour Surveys

We provide quality contour survey Perth, detailed surveys of land parcels tailored for the client’s project. Projects we have helped develop are:

  • Residential, semi-rural and rural home designs;
  • Project builder residential dwellings;
  • High detail architectural building design;
  • Commercial units & complexes;
  • Building/Garage additions & Granny Flats;
  • Coastal/River developments with reference to High Water Mark or 100-year flood levels and
  • Local Government building and planning approvals.
  • Accurate 3D digital data is provided in all formats (including DWG, DXF & Ascii Code CSV) accompanied with a clear concise PDF printable plan (when required).

Feature Survey Plan 3D View

Land Subdivision and Strata Surveys

From initial project consultation & feasibility through to subdivision plans & land titles – we can help you every step of the way. For more information please see our Land Development service capability.

“We act as Project Manager for the design and construction of the Dwellingup Community Village in Del Park Road, Dwellingup. LPD Surveys has provided surveying services for the project and will continue to do so in the future.
We can attest to the high standard of service that we have been provided with which has always been timely, accurate and assisted immensely in us being able to deliver the project to the satisfaction of the Client.
We have no hesitation in recommending them for all types of survey work.”
– Geof Whyte (Principal of Geof Whyte Project Management)

Licensed Surveyors

Among many services that Licensed Surveyors provide they have a duty and obligation to be impartial with land boundaries and in essence represent the crown.

LPD Surveys can help with:

  • Surveys for adverse possession claims and boundary/fencing disputes.
  • Freehold and Crown land Acquisitions.
  • Exclusive use Strata Plans & Management statements.
  • Termination and cancellation of lodged strata schemes.
  • Spatial covenants and interest only plans.
  • Retrospective land fill & volume surveys.

LPD Surveys is registered with the Department of Lands to perform crown surveys (such as road widenings and crown subdivisions).

surveyor building strata

 Re-establishment (Re-peg) & Ident Surveys

Our Licensed Surveyors can perform authorised surveys to re-establish and mark cadastral land boundaries.

Identification (Ident) surveys can define where buildings, walls, fences and structures are in relation to the land boundaries for encroachment/easement purposes and subdivision feasibility.

We provide concise PDF plans created from our surveying software programs so that marking and offsets are clearly shown.

 Property Council (BOMA) Net-Lettable Surveys

Surveys preformed under the Property Council regulations for building complexes, commercial units, retail shops and warehouses.

These plans show legal tenancy areas for owners to apply rental figures to tenants. A licensed surveyor is required to sign these plans for quality and legislative purposes.

property council net lettable surveys

Other Services