Mandurah Surveyors – LPD Surveys – Licensed Land Surveyors

Mandurah Surveyors – LPD Surveys – Licensed Land Surveyors

When searching for Mandurah Surveyors look no further than LPD Surveys for:

Land Surveys – Property Surveys – Development Projects

LPD Surveys head office is based in the heart of the Peel region in Mandurah.

We are locals to the Peel and have vast experience with subdivision feasibility management, unit development, planning & subdivision applications to local government & the Western Australian Planning Commission (WAPC), Deposited & Survey Strata Plans, Built Strata Plans, Exclusive Use Strata Plans, Interest Only plans, Re-establishment and Feature Survey Plans.

We pride ourselves on providing the best advice to clients for the timing and costs of their projects. We offer a job management system with a client log-in for larger projects that ensures great collaboration and communication between all interested parties – you will know exactly where the project is up to at all stages! Experienced with all surveying projects in building, construction and land development in the southern Perth Metropolis and the Peel region – make LPD Surveys your first first call for friendly and timely advice.

Please CONTACT US for advice and quotes or just call 0467 LPD SVY to speak to a licensed surveyor.


Our Services:

Residential, Rural & Commercial Projects

LPD Surveys provide quality surveying services to many clients who have a project based in a residential, rural of commercial areas. We pride ourselves in having spatial professionals and licensed surveyors to guide our client’s projects to success by providing timely expert advice.

LPD Surveys employs licensed surveyors who are the only ones authorised to re-establish, peg & subdivide land boundaries under state acts and regulations.

Land Development & Subdivision Projects

LPD Surveys understands the importance of developing land parcels/unit developments on time and on budget to keep the application, building and land titling process flowing smoothly.

Our team is are on hand to guide you through the process and assist with any queries you might have all though an open platform of communication. LPD Surveys can provide the resources and specialist knowledge to achieve your land development goal.

Engineering & Construction Projects

LPD Surveys has engineering surveyors skilled with construction procedures and equipped with precise instrumentation such as total stations, RTK GPS systems and levels. Our equipment is kept in calibration & service to ensure our measurements are spot on – each time. We use repeatable procedures to ensure the accuracy of the set-out and our data is kept on a secure server.

UAV Aerial Surveys

LPD Surveys has certified CASA pilots and tertiary trained staff working in our UAV Aerial department. Our services/deliverables include:

  • Aerial photography/videography for promotional use
  • Site progress images & georeferenced maps from ortho-mosaic photos
  • 3D site model with 3D exportable contours enabling area & volume calculations
  • Current aerial imagery superimposed over feature/contour surveys
  • Oblique imagery of development for marketing purposes (sales/real estate plans)


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