Project Description

May 2022

  • Pre-calculation plan
  • Post site clearing UAV Drone 3D models (snip of stockpile in image shown) using DJI M300 RTK Drone / P1 camera
  • Post site clearing DTM surface plan and calculations of earthworks fill to import
  • Sales plan with UAV ortho-mosaic background
  • Cadastral surround re-establishment survey and digital spirit levelling of primary survey control
  • Set-out of proposed cadastral boundaries for retaining walls and services
  • As-constructed surveys for retaining walls and water corporation services (water/sewer)
  • Final pegging and Deposited Plans
  • Final control and Special Survey Area (SSA) survey sheet
  • Project management of notifications, memorials and easements
  • Local Development Plan and liaising with local government on conditions
  • Lodgements to WAPC and Landgate