Before you finalise that contract or turn the first shovelful of dirt, there’s a critical step you need to take: getting a boundary survey. Many new homeowners and builders might be tempted to skip this step, assuming it’s unnecessary. However, a boundary survey can save you from a myriad of potential legal and structural headaches down the line. Here are a few compelling reasons why a boundary survey performed by a licensed land surveyor in Perth should be on your to-do list before buying or building a new home.

Reveals the Exact Property Size

Why play the guessing game when it comes to the size of your property? A boundary survey offers an accurate depiction of the dimensions of your land down to the very last inch. It’s about more than just knowing where your property starts and ends. It’s about smart planning. Whether you’re deciding on the house’s square footage, thinking about a sparkling pool, or pondering where to put that white picket fence, you’ll have the precise information you need. And when it comes to investing your money, an accurate property size can make all the difference. After all, property prices often hinge on lot size. A boundary survey ensures you know exactly what you’re getting for your buck.

Helps in Understanding Property Restrictions

Navigating property restrictions can often feel like wandering through a labyrinth. Your local government may have laws limiting what you can construct on your land. Enter the boundary survey – a valuable tool to illuminate these restrictions for you. With a clear understanding of zoning regulations, easement rights, and setback requirements, you can shape your construction plans in compliance with the law. This pre-emptive approach can spare you from costly legal entanglements in the future. It’s like having a blueprint to navigate the maze of property regulations, putting you in control of your construction project.

Aids in Spotting Encroachments

Picture this: your neighbour’s shed is inching into your land, triggering legal battles and potentially denting your property’s value. Unsettling, right? This is called encroachment. A boundary survey is your safeguard against this. It helps pinpoint any encroachments, present or looming, giving you the upper hand to tackle these issues head-on before they balloon. Plus, it can be a financial lifesaver, shielding you from the monetary fallout that can spring from encroachment disputes. It’s like your property’s own personal security detail, keeping unwelcome intrusions at bay.

Facilitates Accurate Planning and Building

Planning and building a new home require precision and a boundary survey is your trusted ally in achieving that. It provides you with a meticulous map of your property, complete with topographic details. This helps you know which parts of your property slope, where water tends to gather, and where the ground is most firm. These crucial insights can guide your construction strategies, enabling you to circumvent potential structural problems and evade unnecessary expenses later. A boundary survey, therefore, isn’t just about marking the territory, it’s your compass for making well-informed building decisions.

Supports Effective Landscaping Designs

Dreaming of a picture-perfect landscape to complement your new home? A contour survey in Perth can make that dream a reality. By delineating the precise layout and topographical nuances of your property, it paves the way for landscape designers to craft a plan that optimises both beauty and function. Whether it’s selecting prime locations for lush plantings, carving out charming pathways, or positioning serene water features, a boundary survey provides an invaluable roadmap. It’s not just about erecting a house; it’s about designing a home where your indoor and outdoor spaces harmonise perfectly.

Necessary for Homeowner’s Insurance and Lenders

Don’t underestimate the value of a boundary survey when it comes to homeowners’ insurance and securing a loan. Insurance providers rely on these surveys to accurately assess your property and determine the right coverage. Similarly, lenders need this data to confirm they’re backing a dispute-free property. Without a boundary survey, you might find yourself hitting roadblocks on the path to securing insurance or a mortgage. It’s about more than just marking your territory—it’s a critical step towards establishing your home and safeguarding your investment.

Increases Property Value and Saleability

Ever considered how a boundary survey could make your property a hot ticket item in the real estate market? Well, it can! Buyers love transparency, and a detailed boundary survey provides just that, showcasing clear property lines and potential land restrictions. This eradicates any nasty surprises that could surface post-purchase, making your property an attractive buy. In fact, many buyers are willing to pay a premium for homes with comprehensive boundary surveys, boosting your property’s market value. So, when it’s time to plant that ‘For Sale’ sign, a boundary survey done by property surveyors in Perth won’t just be your support act but your headliner, setting the stage for a successful and profitable sale.