Project Description

August 2019


  • LPD Surveys were engaged to compete a rural boundary re-establishment survey and feature survey over the proposed 300ha solar farm site in Waroona WA
  • UAV Drone photogrammetry mapping technology was used to create a 3D Digital Surface Model (DSM) or TIN over the site
  • PDF plans were created with a high resolution background orthomosaic image to 3cm horizontal Ground Sampling Distance (GSD)
  • Digital deliverables for the design were created such as:
    • Geotiff & ECW imagery;
    • Contours to 0.25m interval;
    • DWG drawing of the digitised drains and vegetation outlines + surveyed roads, fences, gates and structures;
    • OBJ 3D Textured Mesh file and
    • LAS / XYZ point cloud file.